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Acuity enhances traders' decision-making by spotlighting relevant data precisely when needed. Serving as a comprehensive all-in-one research tool for online trading, it is crafted by data scientists and powered by AI to provide traders with the sharpest and most actionable insights.
MT4 - MT5
Leverage our cutting-edge MT4 & MT5 Acuity Trading Tool, empowered by AI, to seamlessly integrate news articles, various data sources, and advanced natural language processing. Elevate your trading to new heights.
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TMGM's latest Acuity Trading tool provides our traders with a distinct advantage in the markets, allowing you to spot trading opportunities in real-time. It scans through vast volumes of news articles and data releases, presenting you with an exceptional snapshot of market sentiment within an intuitive user interface for your analysis.
Real Time Sentiment
Trading Opportunity
Market Alert
AI Analysis
Economic Calendar
Perceive the sentiment:
Real Time Sentiment
Accessible on both MT4 and MT5, the Acuity Real Time Sentiment offers a superb platform for comprehending market sentiment across a wide spectrum of financial instruments. Gain insight into how the latest news and data impact the instruments of your interest.
Stay vigilant and stay ahead of the most recent advancements:
Trading Opportunity
By merging historical price movement analysis with Market News Sentiment, you receive a confidence rating that aids in making informed trading choices. Stay at the forefront of market developments.
Visualise Hourly and Daily Market News Sentiment:
Market Alert
Gain a precise insight into the instruments that hold the most significance for you with Acuity Signal Centre. Just select your desired instrument, and immediately receive a visual depiction of the market's bearish or bullish sentiment for that specific asset.
AI Analysis
The Acuity tool offers you a holistic understanding. By plotting price against market sentiment, you can gauge market sentiment through a visually striking representation to observe its current impact on the price of your selected asset.
Economic Calendar
Accessible on both MT4 and MT5, this tool provides a visually captivating, non-linear presentation of all related events. Comprehend upcoming releases, the connection between present market sentiment and the data, and craft informed trading decisions with a wealth of information at your disposal.
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